Heraldry is a system of symbols used to identify and represent individual persons, families, colleges, corporations, societies etc. It dates back to the 12th Century when knights wore symbols or badges for identification in battle. The designs were simple, bold and eye-catching for instant recognition.

A shield (the coat of arms) of full armorial bearings can be produced by Vimart Signwriting either from a scale drawing or full heraldic description. The use of gold leaf and full colour together gives an eye-catching effect to any coat of arms.

Heraldry and Gold Leaf work forms an important part of restoration and refurbishment of buildings both public and private. Whether it be a church clock face, weather vane, gilded railing tips, hatchments etc; Vimart Signwriting has the experience to produce the finish that is so deserving of this type of work.

With so many permutations of a full coat of arms, the armorial bearings, have first to be officially issued by the College of Arms to ensure individuality.